Worried about managing assets?

Manage your fixed assets effortlessly with an asset tagging, tracking and management software.

Fixed Asset Management Software

Operating without asset tagging, tracking & management software?


No asset register

Your organization has been operational over years, but you do not have an asset register.

Multi location

Your assets are spread over multiple locations and difficult to manage from a single location.

Multiple users

Your assets are allocated to multiple users, and you find it difficult to manage the transfers.


Is it difficult to determine the ownership as owned assets, assets held on lease and assets given on lease.


You don't know when assets breakdown and need immediate repair, when they move out of operation and brought back.


Missing out annual maintenance dates is quite common when handling large number of assets.

Manage your assets effortlessly with ASSETCOMPLY

Our asset management software let’s you create a fixed asset register on our cloud-based platform. The asset tracking software has an in-built barcode and qr-code generator, for tag generation.

It comes with a mobile app enabling users to manage asset verification, breakdowns, maintenance, warranties, and a host of other features.

Create Fixed Asset Register

Create a fixed asset register in the software including intangible assets.

Generate asset tags

Generate printable barcodes or QR codes & create your metalic or non metalic tags.


QR Code tags hold more information than a conventional barcode tags.

Barcode Tags

Barcode tags hold single line of information usually the asset code.

Cost of Asset Tags

Depends on choice of material like paper, polycarbonate, aluminium & steels tags.

Durability of asset tags

Depends on the material of tags and the environments, can last 3 to 5 years.

Allocation Tracking

Track assets allocated to users across the company and business head.

Location Tracking

The software gives you a bird's eye view of assets across locations and track assets anytime.

User Tracking

Check out & check in feature allows asset tracking for assets under breakdown.

Vendor Tracking

Get to know vendor details of the suppliers in a few clicks instantly.

Schedule physical verification

Schedule & allocate physical verification, asset wise or location wise for the assets.

Track status of physical verification

Keep a tab on the status of physical verification across different locations on a single dashboard.

Asset reconcilation

Physical verification reconciliation reports now generated in no time post verification.

Reduce cost of verification

Save time and cost with technology based physical verification, with our mobile app.

Findout why you need a fixed asset tagging, tracking & management software with an interactive interface. Begin your digitalization journey with us today. Explore why.

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Asset tagging software & services

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Asset Tagging

Cloud based asset management software with barcode and qr code generator.

Asset Tracking

Asset management software with mobile app with inbuilt barcode & qr code scanner.

Physical Verification

We provide physical verification of fixed assets, asset tagging services & valuation services.

Asset Tags

We offer custom tags, including metal tags, active & passive RFID tags, BLE tags & NFC tags.

Fixed Asset Technologies

We Offer The Following Technologies


We offer RFID solution for asset & inventory management. Our RFID based asset tracking solution comprises of RFID fixed readers, antennas, RFID handhelds, RFID tags & ERP integrable SaaS based software.

Our RFID solution


We offer QR Code based asset tagging solutions. QR Code based asset management is a cost effective solution, including QR code-based asset tags, ERP integrable proprietary software and can be used with our mobile app.

Our QR-CODE solution


Barcode-based asset tagging solution designed to revolutionize your fixed asset management. Experience the unmatched efficiency and cost-effectiveness of asset comply, which includes physical verification & barcode-based asset tags.

Our BARCODE solution